Infocus Design and Corian®
September 2020

Did you know Infocus Design is a licensed fabricator of Corian® in Australia? We have worked on a range of commercial projects and domestic designs; from benchtops with integrated sinks and basins, to large thermoformed curved reception counters.
Corian® is a high performance alternative to conventional surfacing materials, and is internationally recognised for its value to the world of design and architecture. Corian® is renowned for its exceptional versatility, beauty and almost limitless application for residential, public and commercial environments, both indoor and outdoor.

In addition, Corian® is backed by a 10-Year Limited Warranty when fabrication and installation are performed by a DuPont™ Certified Fabricator Installer, which Infocus Design is proud to be. We have a team of specialist solid surface accredited fabricators that manufacture at our premises in Lane Cove, Sydney.
Corian® has a wide range of benefits and its adaptability means it can be shaped to suit your custom design. Key features include:
- Non porous
- No crystalline silica or quartz
- Seamless joins
- Easily repairable
- Germ and virus resistant
- Thermoformable 
- Can be illuminated & / or textured
- Stain resistant
- Environmentally friendly Green Guard
- Non-toxic
- Solid core colours

If you are seeking the benefits of using Corian® for your next project, get in touch! Corian® is available in a wide range of colours, and we are happy to organise samples so that you can experience the delights of Corian® first hand.