Local Manufacturing
Local Manufacturing Has Proven Its Worth
August 2020

Infocus Design has remained open for business throughout the COVID pandemic. Our longevity and proven history is supporting us at this time and we are encouraged by the positive response of our customers and the continued loyalty of our amazing employees.
The success of Infocus Design has always rested on quality workmanship, fast turnarounds and going the extra mile for our customers. When Helen Karam started the business 27 years ago she had the choice to manufacture exhibition and event stands in China. With a conviction to always keep production local, Helen instead built full design, build and install facilities on our site in Lane Cove, Sydney. Our success has not only proved that decision to be right but has shown that local manufacturing is a distinct competitive advantage.
Local manufacturing ensures a resilient and adaptable supply chain because we have control. We can quickly implement new operational measures to suit changing situations. Whilst we may not have the margins that we could achieve with lower cost manufacturing, we have the ability to quickly respond to customer requirements and monitor the quality of work. We have the satisfaction of delivering excellence and providing local employment, all whilst sustaining a profitable business.
This approach has proven to be a huge benefit during current times. The COVID pandemic has shown that globalised supply chains are vulnerable and fragile. For a business to be dependent upon an outsourced and international factory is a risk that Infocus Design has avoided.
Infocus Design will continue to operate on the basis of inhouse and local manufacturing and we look forward to many more decades of success.