Infocus Design Trademark Guidelines
Our brand features are protected by law. Please note that  Infocus Design is trademarked in the following good and services categories:
Class 20:
Display panels for exhibition environments and purposes; exhibition boards; portable exhibition panelling for display purposes
Class 35:
Graphic advertising services; demonstration of goods for advertising purposes; preparation of advertising material; production of visual advertising matter; design of marketing material; marketing assistance, consultancy, forecasting and information, promotional marketing; provision of advice and information relation to marketing; research services relating to marketing; brand creation services
Class 40:
Custom fabricating, making or manufacturing of goods or materials (for others)
Class 42:
Advisory services relating to industrial and interior design; commercial design services; commercial interior design; design consultancy; design of industrial products; design of kitchens; design services relating to interior decoration; design services relating to printing; graphic design of promotional matter; graphic design services; industrial design; industrial design styling; interior design; kitchen design; provision of information relating to industrial design; retail design services; design services for architecture and trade shows; architectural project management; off site building project management; project management (design)