Zimmer Biomet AOA ASM
2015 - Brisbane
When Zimmer was merging with Biomet in 2015, Infocus Design was contacted. The newly formed company Zimmer Biomet required an aesthetically and structurally durable suite of exhibition components that would serve their event schedule for a minimum of four years. It was critical for components to be modular and flexible in function, with a look that would remain fresh and a construction quality that would withstand ongoing use. The design also needed to facilitate deeper event engagement with medical practitioners to build brand trust and long term relationships. Material selection played a key role in conveying a sense of stability and establishment. A palette of sandstone, solid timber and black leather combined to create a sense of classicism and timelessness. Detailed leather inset bench tops and LED illuminated display cabinets, along with innovative graphic elements, were designed to reflect the precise and sophisticated engineering of the product.